2016 – Year of Music

After I wrote the year review in Dec 2015, I decided to spend more time on music in 2016. At that time, I was 9 months and 5 months into learning the violin and oboe respectively. I had no idea how far I could go with my limited skills in these instruments. How did it go?… Read More »

First woodwind concert

Nine months after I started learning oboe, I had my first public concert with the Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble (BWE). The concert “Dawn Chorus” was held at St George’s Holborn, conducted by Shea Lolin, and all music pieces were bird-themed.

ABRSM Grade 5 violin exam

On the 364th day after I first learned to hold the violin and play my first note with a bow, I completed my ABRSM Grade 5 violin exam. To my surprise, I was able to relax and didn’t feel much nervousness at all on the day during the entire exam. Before entering the exam room,… Read More »

2015 Year in Review: Violin learning

It’s been nine months since I started to learn to play the violin, an instrument that I have never thought of learning until this year. Why violin? I have no idea, but I know two things for sure: I love learning, and I love music. Thus, learning to play a new instrument does seem to… Read More »

Violin learning – the 7th month

It’s been seven months since I first picked up a violin and heard the first sound I made from the open D-string. I had a look back, and it seems like I’ve made some good progress in violin playing since then. One of the key achievements is that I finally understand what “shaping the music” means.